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Canyoning in Alegria, Cebu

As an avid adrenaline hunter, when staying in Cebu I had to try the canyoning in Alegria and the experience definitely didn't disappoint.

Upon arrival at the reception we were kitted up with a pair of canvas shoes, life jackets and helmets and were shown the two options of canyoning experience; the basic and advanced. We agreed to do the advanced, which I was slightly apprehensive of at the time! Then we waited for a couple more people to turn up so they could take us up as a group. We then had to fill out a form, pretty sure I signed something saying I was responsible for any injuries if I was to have any, but that wasn't the time to start thinking about consequences! Then we were given a cool green wristband and driven by motorcycle up into the hills where the base was.

We were given a short talk by the instructor which outlined the course and safety procedures. Then we walked down through the trees with our leader to the start of the course. In order to start you had to jump about 20 feet down into the water and I remember thinking 'wow they certainly don't mess around here!' I was quite nervous about this first jump, mainly as the rocks were fairly enclosed and I didn't want to land on a submerged stone. The instructor counted down from 3 and at that point I just went for it and luckily I am here to say I was alright!

Once I had done a few I got quite into it and jumped off all of them bar one. I decided to pass on the second highest one because the ridge stuck out quite far beneath you and I didn't fancy spending the rest of the trip in hospital! However, I did do the highest jump, which was around 40 feet which is me picture above. We had a GoPro and the instructors were more than happy to take videos or photos for you so if you have a waterproof camera then definitely bring it along.

I won't lie some of it was quite challenging like climbing across the narrow ledges in the side of the cliff faces and slippery stones but I just made sure to take my time and I was fine. On of the nicest parts was to look up at the cliffs either side, it was pretty spectacular and the water colour was a lovely blue - green colour.

The instructor I had was very enthusiastic and energetic and there was no pressure to do the jumps but I'm pleased he encouraged me to as it was a great experience. Also he was jumping in head first off some of them which i thought was insane! There were some rocks which acted as slides which were fun and the most exhilarating was probably a slide which you went down lying on your back and flipped out the other side. It was crazy knowing that at any moment you would be heading over the edge but you wouldn't know when exactly.

In terms of the experience obviously it was very fun, I won't lie when completing it I was always slightly nervous. At one point I did hurt my ankle a little, totally my fault though! We were told to cross our legs and sort of drop over a edge into the pool below in a cross legged position. I didn't realise how shallow it was so upon entering the water my natural reaction was to uncross my legs and put my foot down, bad idea! My ankle took the full impact, however, after a few minutes it was fine.

Once we reached the end, the instructor walked us back up to the top and we rode back on the motorcycle to the reception. There we were given a lovely (and well earned!) lunch which was very tasty. The experience took a couple of hours, however, I think there is also an option to head all the way to Kawasan but because they were serving us lunch we didn't go all the way there, however, that may be a different company, I'm not certain.

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