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My Experience Visiting Kawasan Falls

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

The weeks leading up to my trip to the Philippines saw me reading countless blog articles on all the best places to visit in Cebu and without a doubt the most talked about place was Kawasan Falls. So it's no surprise that I set my heart on visiting this waterfall. All the attention this attraction was given meant I had set my expectations pretty high and now having been I thought it would be a great idea to share my experience and compare it to my expectations.

It was very easy to reach the waterfall with many stands offering tours and day trips to the falls from places such as Moalboal. One of the managers of the accommodation I was staying at was able to arrange a driver for us for the day to take us first to Alegria in the morning (to do canyoning) and then onto Kawasan in the afternoon, where they left us and returned to take us back to our accommodation a couple of hours later.

In order to reach the falls, jeeps and other transport can take you to the roadside a little way from the waterfall itself, this is where the jeep dropped us off. To reach the falls you then walk down a path that's around a 15 minute walk. There is water one side and it's very pretty. In order to enter there you need to pay a 45 peso entrance fee which is equivalent to around £0.75. You reach an opening and there are vendors selling life jackets and street food which I was coming to learn was quite standard practice and I definitely couldn't pass on the opportunity to buy a doughnut! The area was covered by trees and the falls were much much busier than I had expected! There were food stands but and some seating, if you are planning on going in the water I'd recommend not bringing a big backpack or valuables with you as there isn't anywhere very suitable for storing them. There weren't so many people in the water itself but there were quite a lot doing canyoning, and after doing this only hours earlier I could totally empathise with the people hesitating to jump off the highest ledges! It was great to watch them jumping and I'm pretty sure one person did a front flip! After taking a few photographs I climbed up to the higher levels of the falls, these go above and behind the main waterfall. It was slightly quieter up there and a nice little walk and there are some great look out points you can find on the way up.

I will say the water was the pretty colour it is always depicted in the pictures and the waterfall itself was stunning. However, I felt like the place had become very commercialised and due to all the visitors, was probably suffering in terms of the nature factor.

Overall, Kawasan was pretty spectular. I imagine if you go early in the morning when its quieter it would be better as I went at peak time in the afternoon when there were so many people. If you are looking for a less touristy option though there are plenty of other waterfalls on the island and even though I didn't make it to them they did look equally pretty from the photos. Despite the number of people, I'd still definitely recommend taking a trip to Kawasan.

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