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Sights to See in Bordeaux

The first word that springs to mind when I think of Bordeaux is grand and if you've ever visited or seen pictures of it, I'm sure you would agree. Its towering buildings and tall archways and monuments are very impressive and definitely gives the place a stately feel.

The city is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage and with architecture dating back the the 18th century it really can be described as a stunning city. Limestone bricks give the walls of the buildings that beautiful sandy colour and quaint metal verandas break up the walls and add another feature. Such attention to detail is reflected throughout the city marked by the ornate streetlamps and colourful bunting I saw above me in one street. The city is set alongside a river which adds to the city's beauty.

We parked the car further out of town and walked in following the river and taking in the views along it. On the way there was a large plaza style skate park and it was great to watch skaters doing tricks I could only dream of doing (I do have a skateboard but after I broke my elbow on it, I'm a bit scared of trying any tricks now!) Further on down there was a very nice area planted with lots of trees in lines with avenues where the trams could pass through. As it was a shaded area it was very welcomed and a great place to stop for a break.

When we were in the city, we couldn't resist a bit of shopping (or in my case window shopping haha) The city has it all in terms of shops, you had all the high end French brands as well as many well recognised outlets. Down some of the side streets we found some very quaint and unique looking shops such as the ones pictured below.

The city has a lovely open square outside the cathedral where we stopped for lunch. Like all the French cities I've visited, there was plenty of choice for restaurants and we found a very nice one looking out towards the cathedral. There was actually a wedding happening outside next to it when we there so it was lovely to watch that happening while we waited for our food.

In the afternoon we continued to walk around the city and saw the Mirroir d'Eau, a huge sheet of water covering the ground outside the Place de la Bourse. It was a very unique and pretty and I imagine it would be lovely to go there in the evening when the sun is setting.

Also located nearby to the Mirroir d'Eau is the Monument aux Girondins, a large monument surrounded by water fountains. It is in memory of the Girondists who were those involved in the French Revolution.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Bordeaux and would have loved to have spent longer than a day there but as lots of the attractions were fairly central it meant we could still take in a lot whilst we were there. i'd definitely recommend visiting if you are staying on the West Coast of France.

If you would like any further information or you have any other questions feel free to send me a message either by email or via Instagram.

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